Staber Top Loading Horizontal Axis Washing Machine
Staber Washing Machine

One of the most water and energy efficient washers on the market. Top loading for convenience and large loads, horizontal axis for water and energy savings.

Getting more for your money:
The Second Price Tag

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The System 2000 Advantage

  • 50% less energy
  • 67% less water (great for wells & septic systems)
  • 75% less detergent
  • Patented stainless steel tub construction
  • No transmission or agitator (gentle on clothes)
  • Extracts more water for less drying time
  • Larger capacity than traditional agitator washers
  • Longer life expectancy

When buying a clothes washer, it can be helpful to think of two price tags. The first price is the price paid to purchase the appliance. The second price tag is the cost to operate the appliance over its lifetime.

Calculate the second price tag:

Annual Cost  x Lifetime of Appliance =  Second Price Tag
Traditional Agitator Washer:   $593.42 x        20 years        = $11,868.40
Staber System 2000:   $253.42 x        20 years        = $5,068.40
Example for family doing 8 loads per week at National average utility rates:

You will save about $6,800.00 over the life of the appliance
by purchasing the Staber System 2000.

Translated Energy Savings

800 kWh of electricity
--Enough to run a clothes washer 400 times, or 8 free loads of laundry every week for a year.
--Enough to leave a 60-watt light on for 20 months
--The same as running a new refrigerator for 14 months

Translated Water Savings

Most of the energy consumed by clothes washers is used to heat the water. The System 2000 saves up to 9,000 gallons or more of water per year. This is the same amount used to:
--Flush a typical new toilet 6,000 times
--Take 720 5-minute showers

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