SUN FROST Refrigerators & Freezers
SUN FROST Refrigerators and Freezers The world’s most elegant refrigerators are also the world’s most energy efficient!

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 more than 100 colors  natural wood finishes  many sizes and options:
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In an energy-efficient home powered with photovoltaics or other low-output energy sources, refrigeration is typically the largest consumer of electricity. But the super-efficient SUN FROST refrigerator makes these alternative technologies both feasible and affordable. In a home using utility power, SUN FROST normally cuts energy consumption by 80%.

Along with energy efficiency, the SUN FROST offers other advantages not found in conventional refrigerators including food-saving high-humidity storage, quiet operation, and an easy-to-clean interior.

The SUN FROST refrigerator employs an array of configuration innovations to achieve its exceptionally low energy consumption.

  •  Cooling system is top mounted to allow heat from the process to escape upwards away from the refrigerator.
  •  No air circulation between the refrigerator and freezer sections reduces warm air infiltration when doors are open.
  •  Refrigerator walls are filled with 2.5 to 4.5 inches of polyurethane foam, the best nonexotic insulation available. Insulation is not degraded by typical metal supports between inner and outer walls.
  •  SUN FROST refrigerators use waste heat from the condenser to eliminate condensation in the door gasket area. Strip heaters found in most other refrigerators increase energy consumption.
  •  The efficiency of the cooling system is further increased by making use of a passive evaporator (no energy consuming fans) and a condenser with a large surface area.

With its clean, uninterrupted lines and choice of more than 100 colors and numerous natural wood finishes, the custom-built SUN FROST refrigerator adds elegance to every kitchen.
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