Energy Saving Control Systems

Eco-Airsaver Retrofit AC Controller
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Upgrade current Air Conditioning system with easily installed electronic control.

eMonitor Constant Energy Management
Energy Management Solution
Commercial & Residential Systems

An affordable solution for monitoring energy use on every circuit of a home or building.   Quoted

Intelligent In-Room Thermostat / Humidistat
High Bay Occupancy Sensor

Specifically designed for ON/OFF control of high bay fluorescent fixtures in warehouse, distribution centers and similar facilities.

Intelligent In-Room Thermostat / Humidistat
Intelligent In-Room
Thermostat / Humidistat

Designed for hospitality with comprehensive, intelligent HVAC control and monitoring for ultimate energy savings.

PLC Multipoint LCM Series Lighting Controller
PLC Multipoint LCM Series
Lighting Controller

For all types of commercial buildings. Precise interior and exterior light control saves energy and money.

Sentinal™ Interval Power Meter
Sentinal™ Interval Power Meter

Allows an "always on" business to track power use during off-peak hours for lower off-peak prices.