Commercial Daylighting Systems

Commercial Rectangular Daylighting
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Our Commercial Daylighting System enables us to design the best daylighting system for your specific needs. We offer an array of components that can be used separately or combined in a fully controlled day-lighting and night-lighting system. For new construction or retrofit, daylighting will pay for itself by saving energy and creating a healthier, more productive environment.

Active Daylighting
Active daylighting
  uses sun - tracking mirrors to redirect sunlight into a reflective light well and onto a diffusing lens.
Hybrid Daylighting with T5 fluorescent
Hybrid daylighting
  utilizes fluorescent T-8 or T-5 lamps to illuminate a building interior during non-daylight hours.
Passive Daylighting
Passive Daylighting
  uses a prismatic dome, reflective light shaft and diffusing lens to light a building’s interior.
Daylighting Brightness Filter
Dimmer Control
  with a motorized shade built directly into the skylight frame allowing room brightness control with the flip of a switch.
Daylighting Control
Daylighting Control Systems
  are custom designed and can be adapted for any size space, even sites with multiple switch or breaker locations.
Daylighting Security
Daylighting Security
  in a variety of sizes of metal roof curbs to fit the needs of any application with a powder painted security grille standard.