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ATAS Dutch Seam Metal Roofing Dutch Seam™ is a continuous standing seam panel with an integral seam. It can be installed over open framing or on a solid substrate. Dutch Seam is available in smooth and stucco embossed textures. Stiffening ribs are optional. Panel can be tapered. Typical applications include roof planes with a minimum roof pitch 2:12, mansards, fascias, and equipment screens.  Available in 032 Aluminum, .040 Aluminum, 16oz Copper, and 24ga. Galvanized Galvalume Steel
ATAS Granutile Metal Roofing Granutile is a simulated modular low tile panel . The panel is coated with crushed stone chips with an acrylic over-glaze for a unique granular surface. Panels are light-weight for easy handling and allow installation over an existing roof. For re-roofing or new construction. Typical applications are commercial and residential roofs, 3:12 minimum pitch and mansards.   Material is corrosion resistant 26ga. Stonecoated Galvalume Steel.
PermaShake Roofing Panel PermaShake panels simulate the look of wood grained shingles, without the maintenance problems of wood. Metal shake panels are fire resistance and will not crack, split, warp, or rot. Typical applications for PermaShake are commercial and residential roofing with a recommended minimum pitch of 5:12. Suitable for mansards.  Available in 29 ga. Galvalume Steel and .032 Aluminum.
ATAS ScanRoof Metal Roofing ScanRoof® is a modern, lightweight, easy to handle metal roof panel installed horizontally, from eave to ridge, on an open frame system or solid deck. For installation over an existing roof or new construction. ScanRoof has a smooth texture with a quality finish that simulates a tile roof. Typical applications are commercial and residential roofs, 3:12 minimum pitch and mansards.   Material is 24ga. Galvanized Galvalume Steel
ATAS TechnoTile Metal Roofing TechnoTile is a metal panel with a deep configuration in the form of an "S" or Spanish tile. The panel is installed vertically up the slope of the roof, with exposed fasteners on either an open frame substrate or solid underlayment. For installation over existing roof and new construction. Techo Tile is available in either glazed or traditional, depending on material. Typical applications are commercial and residential roofs, 3:12 minimum pitch and mansards.  Available in .032 Aluminum (glazed or traditional) and 24ga. Galvalume Steel (traditional only).
ATAS Field Lok Metal Roofing Field Lok is a non-structural, double-locked roof panel installed with a sliding clip. The FLM series is mechanically seamed in the field and provides the traditional appearance of standing seam. Plank ribs are optional. The FLM series may also be curved, but plank ribs are not available when the panels are curved. Contact ATAS for radius limitations.