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Eco-$mart ELEVATE
Eco-$mart ELEVATE
Eco-$mart ELEVATE!

Green Construction and Infill Development Services
Creating quality jobs for opportunity-deprived citizens while improving homes, buildings and communities by applying energy efficient, resource efficient and health enhancing construction and remodeling approaches approved by the nonprofit Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development, including:

Construction and Remodeling for Durability and Efficiency  Using advanced building envelope and insulation materials, hurricane resistance, sound resistance, pest resistance, air infiltration, heat gain, safety, energy efficiency and maintenance costs can be greatly improved.

High Efficiency A/C and Indoor Air Quality Systems  Advanced A/C systems including our 22 SEER equivalent, self contained water-cooled condensing units, passive dehumidification air handlers, fresh air automation and nontoxic interior paints.

Energy Efficient Lighting, Daylighting, Sensors and Controls  Energy costs for lighting can be reduced by 50 to 80 percent while improving light quality.

Native / Earth Friendly Landscape Design and Installation  Attractive landscapes that use less water, chemicals and maintenance while improving the health of the bays and estuaries of our communities.

Energy Efficient Windows and Window Treatments  High performance windows and hurricane resistant, energy saving window treatments.

Solar Water and Pool Heating  Passive solar water heating, roof-mounted and Solar Attic panel-free pool heating.

Water Purification (Drinking Water and Pools)  Residential and commercial water purification using ion exchange, r/o and ozone. 100% Chlorine- free pool sanitation for residential and commercial pools using either bromine or ozone.

Earth-Friendly Flooring Installation and Restoration  Bamboo, Cork, Recycled Glass Tile and other wood flooring. Nontoxic floor finishes.

Recycled Plastic Content Decking  Outdoor decking materials that never require painting, staining or maintenance. Several materials and colors from which to choose carrying warranties from 20 to 50 years.

Eco-$mart ELEVATE is another community-enhancing program brought to you by the nonprofit Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development (I4SD), partners with Sarasota County Cooperative Extension Service in the creation of the Florida House Learning Center in Sarasota, FL. A portion of all proceeds is donated to the nonprofit I4SD to support their creation of new civic learning facilities around the state and the globe.

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