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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System – 50 Watts to 500 Watts

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System – 50 Watts to 500 Watts

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Additional Information and Specifications: “Equipped with both Darrieus blade and Sovonius blade turbines, our vertical axis wind turbine reaps the advantages of both types of wind power generation. The efficient, quick starting Darrieus turbine blades are contoured to aircraft blade precision and optimized by a Computational Fluid Dynamics System to produce 10% to 20% greater efficiency than standard D type blades. The Savonius turbine blades rotate at high torsion, with efficiency improved by a revised radian shape that reduces noise and vibration.
The direct-drive permanent-magnet synchronous generator is fully integrated with the turbines. This eliminates the cost and drag of a gear box, improving efficiency and reducing the required starting torque. Aluminum alloy construction is both light weight and durable, allowing easy installation and providing improved cooling and electromagnetic shielding. And its all recycleable!

Blade Material: Aluminum Alloy
Blade Qty: 3
Start-up wind: speed 1 m/s
Generator: 3 phase AC, permanent magnet
Ambient temperature: -40° to 50° C
Controller Braking System: 3 phase short-circuit by NFB braking
Rated Power: 3000 Watts – Dimensions: 144″” x 141.2″” – Wieght: 419 KG – Controller Current: 144″” x 141.2″””

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