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Secure-Lock Residential Complete Shell Packages

Secure-Lock Residential Complete Shell Packages

The Secure-Lock™ Insulated Panel is a high wind resistant (150mph plus), fire resistant, seismic resistant, energy efficient structural wall and roof system. Cost is comparable to conventional construction, but the system offers great advantages in performance and speed of construction. Standard models are available, or the system can be quoted based on owner / contractor plans, residential or commercial.

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Secure-Lock Insulated Panel offers the architect a great deal of latitude in the design of the home and adapts easily to a variety of floor plans. Whether you plan to build a small or large scale home, you’ll find that the Secure-Lock building envelope system not only meets all your requirements, but is one of the most simple building systems available. Ease of installation reduces construction time considerably over conventional methods. This cuts labor costs and translates into substantial savings for the homeowner.

Panels can be customized with a variety of substrates. Additional finishing materials can also be applied directly to the skins of the Secure-Lock panel in the field to give the home a more conventional appearance. The interior walls can be complemented with drywall, the roof with shingles or even a metal barrel tile, and the exterior walls with stucco, brick or siding. The flexibility and versatility of the Secure-Lock panel does not restrict the creativity of the architect or the end user. Any finishes applied to the panel are merely for aesthetic reasons. The panel performs better than traditional building materials structurally, thermally and acoustically and doesn’t require additional finishing materials to improve performance.


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