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Steel Bolted Liquid Storage Tanks

Steel Bolted Liquid Storage Tanks

For: Fire Suppression, Liquid and Chemical Storage, Rainwater Harvesting, Bulk & Dry Storage, and Waste Water.  World’s largest manufacturer of steel-bolted storage tanks. Available with Glass-Fused to Steel, Epoxy, Powder Coated, Weathered Steel and Galvanized Finishes.  Tanks are shipped to the job site in parts – easy to assemble on site.  All pumps and accessories are shipped together. Sizes from 500 gallons to 5 million gallons. Meet NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and AWWA (American Water Works Association) Standards.

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  • Fire Protection: Fire water tank (Can Connect to Interior and Exterior Fire Sprinklers, Hoses and Available for Fire Department Personnel)
  • Industrial Liquid Projects: Rainwater Harvesting , Industrial liquid tank, Effluent, Process water
  • Biomass Energy Projects: Anaerobic Digester tank, Biofuel (Ethanol or Alcohol or Biodiesel)
  • Water treatment industry: Municipal project-Potable Water tank, sewage tank, Industrial waste water treatment, Sea water cleaning treatment, Leachate water tank, Other water treatment
  • Agriculture: Irrigation project, Irrigation water tank, Slurry; farm pollution
  • Petrochemical Industry: Petrochemical liquid tank
  • Power Generation: Cooling water tank, Leachate liquid tank
  • Food Industry: Edible Liquid tank (Beer, soy, vinegar, etc)
  • Dry Bulk: Grain storage silos
  • Mining: Treatment tanks, Bulk storage, Processing, Effluent
  • Rainwater and Stormwater Harvesting: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

Weathered Steel Coating – Before Weathering

Large Galvanized Steel Tank

Top View of Galvanized Tank

Large Steel Tank with Ladder

Large Epoxy Coated Tank

Weathered Exterior Tank

White Epoxy Coated Tank

Wood Panel Exterior


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