Hurricane Window Protection Methods and Options

Hurricane is a big enough issue in the state of Florida and South Carolina. The months of August to October bring destruction at high speeds. The damage that a community as a whole has to go through is enormous. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to recover from that. Not only the damage to the community that is considerable, but the damage to individual property is also massive, and these are mostly very heavy to bear by many people. The hurricane not only causes severe damage to the livestock and the farms but also they at times cause irreparable damages to the houses that are unfortunately a little weak to hold out against them.

The issues with not having protection in the house against hurricanes can even make you lose your insurance claim. The insurance companies also reduce the premiums drastically even when there is protection on doors and windows against the hurricane or storms. In studies conducted by weather experts and structural engineers, even a small exposed portion or unprotected region of the window can lead to the window being cracked or blown in. Even cracked windows are very harmful to the households because rainwater can come in through the cracks. On a usual trend, even an inch of water collection may lead to renovation costs of 6k-7k in paint and floors. The window blowing in is much more damaging as that leaves the insides of the house fully exposed. This leads to the building of a destabilizing pressure inside and outside, which damages the structural integrity of the walls and roof.


The insurance companies try to encourage the homeowners to install hurricane window protection in their homes. The premiums which usually range between 3k-5k on house insurance are toned down to 1.5k-3k if there are hurricane and storm protection installed in the house.

Modes of Hurricane Window Protection


Protection Film: The only downside of the protection film is that, although it stops the glass from breaking rapidly, it does nothing to prevent the window from being blown in from its frame.


Plywood: The plywood is a cheap and reliable way to protect the house from hurricanes. The only downside to it is that the light is blocked after it is installed.


Hurricane Shutters: These are installed once and pulled shut whenever needed. These are usually made of steel or aluminium, and they do not stop the light mostly as often, they are translucent or perforated.


Toughened Glass: This is one of the most expensive ways of protection against hurricanes and storms. These are two layers of tempered glass, with a plastic sheet between them.


‘Eco-Smart Incorporate’ is a company operating out of Sarasota, Florida. They deal in transparent and energy-efficient protection for the windows. Their product is Dade county approved, and they believe in doing comprehensive work for their customers. They not only deal in window protection but they also deal in hurricane protected doors that have a 1-inch laminated glass. Anyone looking to upgrade their hurricane protection or even for remodelling can take them up on their fabulous designs. 


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