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    Cyber-Rain Wireless PC Programmable Sprinkler Controller

Your Cyber-Rain system comes in three parts:
catwsave9thmb.jpg (10.8kb) 1. The Cyber-Rain XCI Controller easily replaces your existing controller or installs as a new controller in just minutes with a simple, standard installation of two screws that hold it to the wall There are 8 low voltage connections for wires that come into the bottom of the unit from the sprinkler valves like any other controller. There are 8 buttons on the front that can be used to manually turn each of 8 zones on or off. The controller system wirelessly links to your home computer for easy menu-driven scheduling.

2. Wireless Access Point that connects to a USB port on your PC to talk to your Cyber-Rain XCI Controller.

3. Easy, user-friendly software that lets you set your schedule using intuitive graphical menus.

You donít have to be technical to use this system. Itís so easy anyone with a computer can do it. It only takes minutes to install. When your computer senses the wireless sprinkler controller, it almost sets itself:

Screen Shot 1 Setting your schedule is done with a just a few keystrokes. Each controller system can manage up to 8 zones. You can easily add more controllers. New extra controllers sense and join the same wireless Access Point and are managed from the same PC menus Ė so itís easy to expand the system for larger properties or sets of zones.
Screen Shot 2 When your PC is on, the system periodically checks your local weather on-line. A report of rain tells your sprinkler controller to stop watering for the next 24 hours. This will continue until the rain forecast changes. If the weather is going to be cool and humid, the watering times are reduced. For hot and drier days, the watering times are increased.
Advanced Features:
~ The system tracks your yard and garden sprinkler water usage.
~ The system keeps track of time, and self-adjusts for Daylight Savings Time and changes in seasons.
~ Cycle & Soak feature can be set for each zone, eliminating run-off waste.
~ Special features for sod and seed, or fertilizing, where the watering times are regulated temporarily for a particular zone and then gradually returned to the normal schedule.
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