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Secure-Lock Homes in North Port, FL

Eco-Smart is providing our signature Secure-Lock homes with Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) to North Port, Florida.

Depending upon the ‘Green Features’ that are chosen, each home will provide anywhere from 30 to 75 percent lower energy bills than a standard home of this type. We can also offer the home as an off-the-grid, zero energy home. More information on the zero energy option

Our Secure-Lock SIP home’s offer the following benefits:

  • Faster construction (50% faster shell dry-in), fewer trades and inspections, and a competitive cost.
  • Hurricane / Cyclone Wind and Seismic Resistant construction.
  • Class ‘A’ fire rating – Metal SIP panels provide wood-free structure.
  • Energy savings between SIPS and conventionally built structures produce 30% to 50% monthly utility savings as well as a 30% to 50% smaller HVAC system requirement. The translates to up to 75 percent lower energy bills.
  • Termites / ants / pests / mold have no food source as wood is eliminated from the interior and structure of the home.
  • A Fresh Air / Energy Recovery Ventilator is included to help provide healthier indoor air quality.
  • Minimal maintenance, due to the Metal SIP panels sturdiness, and protection against weathering, decay, and infestation.
  • A cool and dry attic space for storage

Our Secure-Lock SIP home’s will be offered with two different roof designs:

Secure-Lock Gable Style Roof

For a PDF of the blueprints of this design, Click Here

Secure-Lock Single Slope Style Roof

For a PDF of the blueprints of this design, Click Here


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