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Floating Cork Flooring

Floating Cork Flooring

12 x 36 in

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Product Dimensions: 12 x 36 in

Cork Style: Apollo Brown, Apollo Creme, Apollo Natural, Athene Natural, Apollo White, Athene Creme, Mars Natural, Athene Grey, Athene Grey, Athene Blue-Black, Athene Linden-Green, Mars Rose, Mars Green, Mars Polar, Mars Creme, Odysseus Natural, Herse Natural, Aphrodite Brown, Hera, Odysseus Brown, Odysseus Rose, Odysseus Polar, Odysseus White, Aphrodite Creme, Odysseus Creme, Herse Creme, Jupiter Natural, Cronus Natural, Titan Natural, Aphrodite Natural, Bacchus Natural

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Additional Information and Specifications: “12”” x 36″” tongue-in-groove floating floor. Cork flooring is harvested from the bark of the cork tree which grows back completely in 9 to 14 years, making it a completely renewable flooring resource. Cork has natural fire resistance, won’t rot, is dent resistant (recovers quickly from depressions), provides a cushion for standing and falls, and comes in a variety of colors and styles.
Glueless Installation
Insulation: Because 90% of the tissue consists of gaseous matter, the density of cork is extremely low giving the material wonderful insulating properties; thermal, as well as acoustical.
Resiliency and elasticity: When cork is subjected to pressure, the gas is compressed and volume decreases considerably. When released from pressure, cork recovers very rapidly to its original shape, giving cork flooring a wonderful cushion underfoot feel.
Durability: Cork is remarkably resistant to wear, as it is less affected by impact and friction that other hard surfaces because of its cellular composition.
Impermeability: The presence of Suberin, a natural waxy substance, renders cork impervious to both liquids and gases. As a result, it does not rot and therefore may be considered the best seal available.
Hypoallergenic: Cork does not absorb dust and consequently does not cause allergies.
Fire Retardant: A natural fire retardant, cork does not spread flames and does not release toxic gases during combustion.”

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