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Wind Resistant Concrete System

Wind Resistant Concrete System

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Additional Information and Specifications: “The WRCS concrete roofing system is a patent pending design and method that provides ultimate resistance and protection against hurricanes, fire and pests. The system consists of a series of self supported insulation panels which provide a stay in place formwork for the solid concrete roof slab and offers a simple, efficient, and affordable solution for both existing and new homes.
The WRCS roof incorporates monolithic construction that actually improves the rigidity of the structure and eliminates the usual roofing problems associated with leaky connections and joints. The solid concrete construction is resistant to wind speeds exceeding 160 mph, it is not affected by termites, and will not burn.

Benefits of WRCS Roof:
Monolithic design for a stronger structure. No joints or connectors that leak.
Reduces maintenance costs and eliminates 90% of roof inspections.
Hurricane proof, capable of withstanding Category 5 or above wind loads.
High R value and sealed attic construction provide energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality.
Eliminates termite attack and destruction for good.
Higher fire proof properties. Meets Class A provision.
Higher sound proof properties.
Unlimited concrete roof designs and finishes. Numerous interior finishes and options.
Simple and efficient installation for existing or new construction.
Replaces existing wood truss roof while maintaining existing wall design and structure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the spans you can have? What are the slab thickness parameters?
Spans are dependent on roof pitch and profile, reinforcement spacing and diameter, and the thickness of the concrete slab. The more complex, in terms of hips and folds, the greater the span.
Generally speaking, the slab thickness of an inclined roof on new construction is 4 to 5 inches. For intermediate floors or flat roofs the slab thickness range is from 6 to 8 inches. Reinforced Concrete Roof
What are the extra loads exerted on the footing? Do additional adjustments need to be made?
Most footings for wood roofs will work for a concrete roof. The WRCS roof loads are within the load capacities for most South Florida soils and footing designs.
The low values of reaction pressures within the soil guarantees stability in the structure under service load (self-weight) and lateral loads (wind).
What about uplift during a wind storm?
The dead weight alone of a standard WRCS roof is more than the uplift force caused by a 250 mph wind. A Category 5 hurricane will not have a significant effect on the WRCS concrete roof.
What about water leaks and filtration?
Since the WRCS roof consists of monolithic construction, there are no joints or connectors where filtration and leakage generally occur; the roof is poured as a single unit. Furthermore, a waterproofing membrane, cementitious based sealant, or a concrete additive can be incorporated into the roof system for total protection against any water infiltration. Monolithic Construction
How is the system monolithic? How is the reinforcement tied into the wall?
The system is monolithic because the entire roof is poured as a single unit. Moreover, the roof slab is poured with the tie beams in the case of block wall, or last wall pour in the case of ICF wall construction . The wall reinforcement is tied onto a grid of rebar within the roof slab.
What about building code approval? What “”R”” values does the system have? What about fire resistance?
Many homes using the WRCS roof systems have been approved and built throughout Florida including City of Miami, Coral Gables, Dade, North Miami, Florida Keys, Ft. Lauderdale, Hialeah, Jupiter, Orlando, and many more.
The WRCS roof is insulation. The standard system has an insulation value of R22. Optional values available.
Concrete is non-combustive. In the event of a fire the shell and structural integrity of the roof will remain intact.”

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