What are Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Andrews hit the Bahamas, Louisiana, and Florida in the year of 1992. It was a mayhem a high speeds. The destruction that had happened had not been seen before this event. The hurricane clocked a category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. This was the worst level of destruction described in theory or reality till that time. Post all the mayhem, the officials of Dade County Municipality in South Florida studied the damage done and the significant factors behind it that could be controlled in the future. They came up with a suggestion of separation between the interior and exterior of the house during the hurricane. A need for Hurricane Impact Windows arose.

The starting phase

When the industry worked to create the needed product, they didn’t have to search much for the starting material. The automobile industry had been using the laminated glass for a long time. The laminated glass was used as windows in the vehicles, and these were impact proof. Whenever these laminated glasses withstand an impact, they are held together by the laminated layer between the two layers of glass. This prevents them from forming sharp shards of glass and also the laminated layer forms the absorbing zone for the impact holding the glass together and preventing it from breaking.

Changes made and need for it

The laminated glasses used in the automotive only required them not to form shards on impact, but when hurricane impact windows were needed, it was not enough. The hurricane impact windows needed to be sturdy and impact-proof as well. The laminated layer that is between the two or more layers of glass is made up of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) or Ethyl-Vinyl Acetate (EVA). This is the layer that holds up the broken pieces of glass and prevents them from becoming sharp pieces on impact. In hurricane impact windows, these layers were improved upon, and the glass was also tempered and hardened using various new techniques. This made sure that the windows weren’t blown in during the hurricane. This prevented the building of destabilizing pressure difference between inside and outside the house. The absence of this pressure kept the structural integrity of the roof and the walls intact.

The state of Florida had suffered huge losses, and they became the driving force in this research work. In 2001 they came up with their standards and building codes according to which these hurricane impact windows had to be made up.

Experienced hands who created one of the best product

‘Eco-Smart Incorporate’ is a company that has been working in this domain. They are based in South Florida, and their hurricane impact window goes by the name of Wind-Pact Plus. This product was created to meet the severe conditions of Dade County and to withstand the harsh coastal winds. This product in quality usually exceeds the Standard and codes defined by the state of Florida. Not only it provides an excellent shield against impact from the hurricane, but also from forced entry, outside noise, and sun damage.

The product has an additional advantage of shielding the sun during summers and keeping the heat inside during winters. It helps with the energy bill. The company in the form of this product totally delivers on its promise of “complete peace of mind”.

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